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Build-Your-Own Antik Skate Package!

If you can dream it, we can build it. This fully customizable option allows you to build-your-own unique Antik skate package that fits your personal preferences, style and ability. With a vast selection of components at your fingertips, you can craft your masterpiece part by part. More details...


Antik Boot Color/Fiber Customization Options:




Toe Stops:

Toe Caps:


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Build-Your-Own Antik Skate Package!
Build-Your-Own Antik Skate Package!
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Product Details

Every skater has different in abilities, style and overall performance. This means that no specific plate or wheels are optimal for every athlete on every surface. Sometimes the stock packages offered do not fit your needs, which is why we exclusively give you the opportunity to build your own unique skate package. Utilizing the appropriate components to propel you on the track, making you a stronger skater and a more knowledgeable gear aficionado. Maybe you have a preference for a lighter vs heavier plate, or maybe Reds bearings feel better than Bionic bearings. High performance capability starts with what is on your feet, as speed and agility are necessity in the high stress world of roller derby. There are no right or wrong answers, it all comes down to  you and your insight into what works best. If you want the power and comfort of the newly re-designed AR1 and MG2 boots, but wish to deviate from the stock package selection, there is a world of alternatives at your fingertips.


It's easy, just choose your preferred Antik boot and go from there; adding plates, bearings, wheels, toe-stops and other accessories. You are literally crafting the perfect pair skates with the highest quality parts available. Then we mount your boots and hand-build the package one part at a time just for you. With more mounting experience than any other skate/derby retailer or manufacturer, Fast Girl Skates will utilize our state-of-the-art methods to ensure excellence while adhering to your exact specifications. The new package will be tailored to your full expectations, as the only pair of their kind, completely distinctive for you. And our turnaround time is quicker than anyone else, as we regularly handle mounting and manual construction of skates on a daily basis.


If you can dream it, we can build it. Create your masterpiece. And ensure your prowess on the track for years to come.


Actual delivery time may vary between 1-4 weeks for packages with stock boots depending on Riedell product availability at time of order. Packages that require custom colors and fabrics are handmade on-demand, please allow 4-6 weeks for production and assembly.


All BYO packages will be mounted and assembled before delivery, unless otherwise requested in advance. For this special offer, we are not charging a mounting fee.


Fitting Guidelines: Reference Riedell sizing chart. All Antik customers should go up a half-size from the first generation AR1 and MG2 boots. For proper heat molding instructions visit or contact us at 206.274.8250. Please add any additional specifications and requests involving skate components to the notes section.